Our IndigiBling Team


Wirruungga is our Sunshine Coast Artist who contributes to our IndigiBling range from time to time. Wirruungga runs his own not for profit organisation so having a piece from him is quite rare as he is a man in high demand. His goal is to keep dreamtime alive and vibrant within today's busy society and loves contributing to EcoBling's IndigiBling range to do just that.



Steve Taylor is from Wiradjuri country (Central West New South Wales) and works at Weigelli Aboriginal Corporation helping coordinate the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program there. Part of his role is to encourage people to get involved reconnecting to their cultural roots & country through art. He links EcoBling up with Indigenous artists who are on the program and who would benefit from expressing themselves and reconnecting to country. Taylor also contributes to some of the art on EcoBling. His main artistic expression is through burning and carving, which is more typical to the region where his ancestors are from.



Lee lives on the south coast of New South Wales, and identifies most strongly with her ancestral connection to Wiradjuri country. She expresses this through burning her art onto EcoBling pieces. She likes the dot painting but she feels more comfortable and connected when she is burning her art onto the jewellery. Her delicate and detailed patterns and pictures are phenomenal. She has been working so hard to create a better life and is happy she has found a platform where she can reconnect to drawing. She now burns these drawings onto EcoBling to make some extra income and contribute to creating good things in the world. 




Warren Williams is from Wiradjuri country (Central West New South Wales) and works at Weigelli Aboriginal Corporation alongside his brother Taylor (above). Warren was the very first person to make a piece of IndigiBling. Warren's dot work is all about family, the most important thing to him is family. His strong ties to his Indigenous roots motivates him to share his culture with others through performance and also motivates him to teach younger generations through traditional dance and language lessons. 

EcoBling IndigiBling Warren