You’re Enough - You Always have been!

Managing Eco Bling and working in sustainable fashion I see a lot of eco and ethical labels trying to bust through and make it big, at any expense. I have been on international eco runway shows and catwalks in Australia. The culture it breeds can be as scary as the fast fashion industry. 

In order to remedy this in my heart I am getting this blog out early. Before all the New Years resolutions, that we never really intend on following, start floating around in our minds and filling our thoughts with things we haven’t done yet, I want to say this. I need to say this.


In a world that tells you how much you’re yet to do, how what you have isn’t enough, how where you’re at in life isn’t good enough then let me try to scream through the noise and say...


The world is full of sales and marketing. Everywhere we look we see it. Our TVs, radios, social media is crammed with perfectly polished people telling us, directly or indirectly, to get this thing and then we will be close to perfect. We never make it to “perfect” because, apart from it not existing, there is always another product that needs pushing. It is marketing’s job to find out how to tell someone they’re not good enough and how their product provides a solution.

I read a book recently that stated I needed to focus on how I serve people. It told me to focus on how I was making people’s lives better. In other words, focus on highlighting what they don’t have, shine the spotlight on it, then come in with how you can fix it by them buying your product/service.  

Everything that is out there has an agenda, even at Eco Bling. At Eco Bling I do my very best to make sure that agenda is an authentic one that promotes an environmentally friendly and sustainable world full of people who have a positive body image and an optimistic but realistic mentality. Hence why I write these kinds of blogs.

I used to write content from a traditional marketing approach until I realised my spirit was slowing dying. Then I figured out being myself was WAY more enjoyable and no amount of money would substitute that. If my blogs are more popular than my products so be it. At least I am sticking to being authentic.

In the spirit of New Years approaching and writing the perfect New Years resolution I beg you to start the page with...


You won’t need much more than that.


Big hugs

Katie xx


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