Geeeez I can handle a lot. I wasn't going to share this but the point it proves is more important than the ego it may bruise.

The night before my show my assistant said she was bailing on me which meant lots of opportunities went down the drain, along with money I had invested in getting over us over there and down to New York for meetings. It sucked big time and was one of the biggest hits I have ever taken. I am still trying to bounce back from it in many ways as she was in charge of wholesale deals in Seattle and New York leading up to the trip and while we were away, which as a result fell flat.

To concentrate on the show, which was THE NEXT DAY, was such a difficult thing. I really wanted to enjoy myself but there was a lingering tension that I found hard to budge and as you could imagine I had slept for a grand total of about 3 hrs. That was until I got in the zone that you see in photo. I had to dress 8 models and I had about 20 seconds to do it per model. At the same time I was having my make up done, coordinating the walks, then I ran to get positioned for the finale. I had to do it all solo!

Despite the huge amount of disappointment I felt, that really did put a heavy cloud over the experience and the trip, I was so proud of the show. The support that the Eco Fashion Week and fellow designers showed me before and after they found out what happened was awesome. They scooped me up, their strength and professionalism made me feel so much better. So I decided to concentrate on their smiling and encouraging faces and once I did I saw them everywhere.

I have had some time now I have been back to reflect on what happened. So my summary of the experience is to never let something or someone intimidate you. Never let anyone else's drama or opinions deter you. Never ever hold yourself back from your dreams because they are "too big" or "too scary". If I knew what was going to happen I would never have guessed I'd be able to get through it but I did. Not in a million years could I have predicted what was to happen and you will never know ALL the obstacles that you will have on your path. However, whatever happens know that YOU CAN DO IT. Just breathe, reframe, look for the smiles and walk forward.

There was NO WAY I was going to let someone else hold me back and although I lost material opportunities on the trip I gained so much more than I ever predicted. I learnt that I can do anything.

We are so capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. So dare to dream BIG, it is totally possible.

By the way if you know of any eco shops that could do with some EcoBling let me know. Haha.

Big love,

Katie xx

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