What is upcycling?

Lately I have been a little frustrated with a few posts I have seen that have claimed to be upcycling items and selling them on.

When I saw those posts I realised that I hadn't made much of an effort to define upcycling. So, here we go...

Upcycling is to take something old and broken and turn it into something new with a BETTER purpose than its previous state.

For example, at EcoBling we upcycle broken furniture, that would have ended up in landfill or burnt, into jewellery. We give old broken things new life so they don't have to sit in landfill. That is upcycling.

A lot of people have been misusing the term when it comes to refurbishing items. For example an old book shelf that is given a fresh coast of paint and restored to its previous function is not upcycled, it is refurbished.

So there is a little helpful explanation for you and hopefully clears up the uncertainty when it comes to defining "upcycle or upcycling".

Hope it helps...

Katie xx

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