We launched our Made in Noosa Furniture and Homewares in style at Life Instyle!

It happened! We launched our made in Noosa furniture and homewares! 

They say it doesn't matter what happens to you, what matters is how you handle it. Well, I couldn't be happier. Rebranding and expanding to bring in our eco modern Australian furniture and homewares collection (Australian made in Noosa) provided its challenges but nothing could trip us! We did it and we did it in style, at Life Instyle.

Eco, Modern Australian Made Designs!

Our stand at Life Instyle Melbourne looked phenomenal, filled to the brim with stunning designer products including a bed, writing desks, tables, stools, benches, accessories, fashion, art and zero waste living products. The furniture and homewares was all made in Tassie Oak set against a jet black back drop. Taking centre stage was our new logo!

 Noosa Made Furniture WILD THE LIFESTYLE CO EcoBling

Designing, sampling, product testing, photographing and getting everything ready while keeping things under wraps was tough! I was so excited to tell everyone about things, by the time day 1 came around I was busting at the seams. 

I was honoured to catch the attention of hundreds of interior designers and stockists. I was blown away that some massive companies want our products in their stores! I cannot WAIT to tell you about them all. It was such a positive response and I am so happy to share this blog. I LOVE sharing our creativity and having awesome workers to bring our ideas to life is the pinnacle! 

Noosa Furniture and Homewares.

The next adventure is fitting out our showroom and bringing our beautiful designs out of the trailer and into their new home. We invite everyone to stay tuned for our showroom/workshop opening. Of course we will still be providing our gorgeous accessories and also framed art and photography too.

Accessories and Fashion.

Our accessories, made from upcycled materials (formerly known as Eco Bling), featured at the trade show too and as always were a hit, especially our new wooden sunglasses. Unfortunately we only had so much room so we had to leave a lot at home. But we will let you know when they are up and ready for ordering. The fashion line in organic cotton and hemp still needs some work but WOW we had a lot of interest and I was so happy that people could see our potential!


So stay tuned for the Noosa showroom and workshop tour! We will be ready for visitors soon. 

Katie xx

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