Sustainable Fashion in Australia - Eco is the future

Sustainable, or eco fashion, in Australia and around the world is gaining solid momentum as more and more people are asking who made their clothes. Fashion Revolution is fast approaching (23rd-29th April) and it aims to remind us (and cement it into our social fabric) of why the choices we make matter and how to steer clear of those talking the talk without walking the walk. 

Fashion Revolution aka #fashrev is a movement to highlight the working conditions of those manufacturing our garments and accessories. It was a response to the Rana Plaza disaster where hundreds of workers died and were injured due to crappy infrastructure and working conditions. With more and more labels leaning towards becoming "sustainable" and "eco" it is becomes even more important that they carry this cause. 

Why? Money. Labels see a market opening up for eco products and a diminishing demand for fast fashion. Manufacturers are jumping on board the eco and sustainable fashion train without actually embedding new practices and conditions. Instead, they change a few things here and there and highlight it whilst ignoring all the wrong they are still doing. 

Fashion (namely fast fashion) is the second biggest polluter in the world so you can see why Fashion Revolution is so important. While everyone needs goodies to reflect and celebrate who they are we are asked to slow down our choices and be thoughtful with how much we buy and who we buy it from. As we demand transparency from manufacturers they will have to clean up their act if they want our business. 

So, on closing as Fashion Revolution approaches demand transparency from the people who make your cloths. Your clothing, accessories and fashion needs to be eco, ethical and sustainable if we are going to make a difference in the world. 

Keep enjoying and supporting people who are making a difference, keep being a person who makes a difference. All actions matter.


Katie xx

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