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"I remember one of the buildings I saw after the earthquake was the same building a woman and her family invited me into for dahl. When I went there I wondered 'were they okay'? 'Had the building collapsed on them?' I didn't know. I was stunned by it and was really quiet that day, which is rare for me," Katie said.

Her shock was coupled with exhaustion following her travel to the remote village and her first demonstration with tools that needed no electricity. Then, the villagers began making their own beads.

"They started handing me these things as they made. The skill level they already had was amazing and seeing these beads blew my expectations out of the water. We couldn't rely on electricity so they're all hand tools. I was really impressed with what they produced," Katie said.

In the same set-up as the Aboriginal jewellery makers, Katie will pay above-average wages to the jewellers in Nepal to produce beads from the rubble of their homes, thus helping them rebuild their communities and lives.

Shake-it-Up launches on the 1st of November, opening up pre-sales of the jewellery to the public. Stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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