How to have an eco Christmas.

A 4 step guide to having an eco Christmas this year.

As the Christmas buzz builds it is easy to get swept up in all the marketing campaigns, cheap sparkly decorations and traditional feasts. However, we are here to say STOP, BREATHE, FOCUS. The buzz is not what you think. It is a blend of million dollar campaigns (to get you to rush your spending) honing in on your nostalgia.

When we rush our spending we make choices that aren't always eco or ethical. Instant gratification is what this time of year thrives. Cheap, environmentally damaging products are being placed under your nose and the convenience of them is all too comforting.

To have an eco Christmas this year first we need to close our eyes, take a moment and let the following advice sink in.

Step 1.

Don't by anything plastic. Decorations, plastic plates, wrapping, ribbon. Single use plastics are absolutely devastating for the environment. There are plenty of beautiful options. You can use paper biodegradable packaging with living decorations from the garden (that can be composted afterwards). 


Step 2. 

Don't freak out but reducing or completely eliminating meat from your Christmas meal plan will help so much! The world is under a huge amount of environmental pressure and it is in this state because we have let culinary tradition dictate our current choices, without listening to science. It is a known fact the meat industry is one of the top contributing factors to environmental destruction. So choose to include more vegetarian or vegan options this Christmas (or go completely plant based) and if you like it keep up the good work into the New Year!

Step 3.

Replace the tree! Instead of putting up a plastic Christmas tree or chopping a tree down to only throw it out later on, why not collect up some sticks from your garden or local park and make one! You can even put the sticks back when you are done so you have NO impact at all. There are great eco decorations you can make too, like strips of fabric from old clothing plaited into long cords. 


Step 4.

Most importantly make sure your gifts are eco. Not only does this reduce the impact on the environment (as opposed to non eco gifts) but it also means that you are educating others on eco choices, shaping the mentality of the future and becoming a real changemaker! 

Enjoy the holidays and remember; the worlds needs us to be the change and we can only make a difference by doing things differently. 

Katie xx

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