How much impact can we actually have?

A couple of days ago I was on a walk with my adorable niece. We were wandering up the jetty chatting about all kinds of things, well the kinds of things you chat to a 9 year old about. 

On our way we stopped and looked in the water. It was alive with fish, stingrays, and even a turtle. Then we looked a little closer. Someone fishing on the jetty had let their plastic wrapper blow into the ocean. It wasn't the first piece of rubbish we saw and I don't think it will be the last, unfortunately.

Of course, that got me thinking about the future of eco fashion and the impact we have on our environment. She is going to inherit a world that is full of plastic if we keep going at this rate. 

It is hard to find someone to blame for this, sometimes it is an accident and sometimes it is careless people. I wondered why there isn't more of an effort to phase out plastics. I know it would require a huge effort on many local and government levels but why hasn't something been started. 

Recently in QLD they have passed legislation that will ban the use of single-use plastic bags. WE ARE EXCITED! But shopping bags are such a tiny part of the problem, what about plastic wrapping like what was the plastic in the ocean? The plastic that was next to the bird, fish and turtle?

I know I always go on about how our personal changes can change the world, and they can. But I sometimes think there are a lot more stupid people in the world than I realise. Do we need government intervention? Is it even possible given that it would be more expensive to package in reusable containers or biodegradable ones?

So on that cheery note I will hopefully leave you with some thoughts to ponder... and if you come up with a solution I am all ears. Please comment below...

Katie xx 

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