But I donate my clothing, so it is OK to buy something new right? WRONG.

As a fashion designer it is sacrilegious to tell you to STOP buying clothing. I can almost hear the chorus of panic attacks from designers as I clunk away on the key board. Too bad, I will say it anyway...


Why the f*** can we not see that justifying our addiction to fast fashion because we "donate our unwanted clothing to charity" is complete and utter B.S. Not only are we bleeding our bank accounts dry we are also bleeding the world dry of natural resources through deforestation & pollution and as a result habitat loss and species extinction. What for?

We are collectively destroying the world for the production of 400 billion square metres of new textiles and garments every year and the 60 billion square meters end up as off-cuts and waste (that isn't including the 90% of those 80 billion pieces clothing items that are made that then end up on landfill too).

The clothing that doesn't get sold in our local thrift store (because of the over supply of clothing from our greedy over consumption) gets sent to developing countries. Then they are over supplied but have nowhere to send it. Guess what? It becomes their landfill. We pass on the problem to others that are not in a position to manage our waste, nor should they have to. So still think your addiction is OK because you send it to charity? Right, how about this?

It takes 2,700 litres to make one piece of clothing, that is enough water for someone to survive for 900 days and we just throw it out, essentially into landfill (yes even if it is donated)? WHAT AN INSULT TO THE EARTH AND TO PEOPLE! 

I understand the need for new clothing ***sometimes*** but I will never and CAN NEVER justify the purchase and consumption of fast fashion because we donate it to charity. When you choose your next item of clothing make it UPCYCLED or RECYCLED. If you can't then choose NATURAL FIBRES, ORGANIC & FAIRTRADE (if made in a developing country).

It is about reducing your clothing purchases, choosing SLOW fashion (not fast fashion) if you have to buy something new. Perhaps you might need to re-define your look to find organic and fair trade labels that you like. That is OK, you don't have to look like the models in the glossy magazine. BE YOUR OWN PERSON.

FAST fashion is constantly bombarding us with the pressure to look like their models. Meanwhile by the time they have released their new products to market they have already decided on and made the next look/design they are going to bombard you with! They are full of crap. DON'T BELIEVE THEM.

We don't need as much clothing as we consume/throw away, sending it to charity stores/landfill is not the answer. We need to reduce, reuse, upcycle and if we need to buy new we are choosing organic and fair trade clothing. By slowing down our consumption we will have the money to choose these quality pieces... I promise!

Katie xx 

Image from Trusted Clothes - Fast Fashion in Landfill

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