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"We all know someone who throws themselves wholeheartedly into projects they are passionate about. Katie Johnston is one of these people. We met in 2013 as we were both trying to turn our creative ideas and passion into projects and ventures for positive change. It has been fascinating to watch Katie seed and grow The One World Collective, and specifically the offshoot ‘Eco-Bling‘ we are showcasing on the Madeforward Marketplace.

A creative, experimenter and maker at heart Eco Bling is one avenue Katie expresses herself through making. Using upcycled materials aligns this joy of making with her values values; reusing existing materials and not creating new harmful products. Based out of her studio workshop in Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast, Katie hand crafts and sources all of the materials herself. Eco Bling is also moving into its next iteration where they engage indigenous communities in the crafting process, creating jobs and building capacity. This Eumundi space also provides Katie with a playground to experiment. Check out some of her traditional construction techniques, growing her own food and permaculture practices she experiments with more on her blog.

Part of the reason we at Madeforward like Eco Bling so much is that, on top of engaging indigenous communities and going to great lengths to use upcycled materials, One World Collective also plants a tree for each product sold.  We are so grateful to be featuring Eco-Bling products made from old Kitchen Sinks and Fence posts on the Madeforward Marketplace

Katie your vision for a better world is inspiring! Thank you for being the doer, the mover and the shaker that you are!"

Thanks MadeFoward! Will do!

Katie x



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