First of all where the heck has Peppermint Magazine been all my life! This magazine is phenomenal. It has it all, “style, sustainability, substance”. How refreshing! I wonder if they get the thanks that they deserve. Well this is a thanks, a big one, because one article in their autumn 2015 edition has really got my attention. And here is why…

As I was gliding through their carbon neutral publication I was so excited to see a picture of EcoBling in Local Labels, Noosa (pg. 25, top right image). It was blurred and in the background but it felt like one step closer to really sharing the EcoBling love. However, what I came across was more than a fleeting background image. It was an article on Ailan Pasin. This is a craft group from Torres Strait Islands (Australia) who are upcycling ghost nets. Ghost nets are derelict fishing nets drifting aimlessly at sea destroying the lives of all the marine critters they come into contact with. The nets are collected by Indigenous Rangers from the Cape York area and are then taken to Ailan Pasin’s workshop for the Ghost Net Art Project.

Ailan Pasin translates to “islander fashion”, and the beautiful jewellery they are creating from these ghosts nets are unique and colourful. Like us, they are also working with Indigenous groups and bringing opportunities to people who have not had them before. They are also spreading the message of the important role the fashion industry has in driving change through upcycling. Their aim is to bring attention to the problem of ghost nets, and they are doing it! We heard you, thanks to Peppermint Magazine!

So this is why we love Peppermint Magazine, because it is publications like these that help spread the importance of the upcycling message. Whether they are increasing the awareness of ghost nets via Ailan Pasin or bringing light to the reasons that drive EcoBling, it all counts and we are so happy to have learnt about the great work being done. We hope we can share our message but simply knowing that upcycled fashion now has a voice makes us so happy!

EcoBling’s goals go beyond upcycling waste. Like Ailan Pasin we engage rural and remote Indigenous Australian communities to share their culture and history with the world via our IndigiBling range, we plant trees in nature corridors via our MetalHeal range and gift food seeds to vulnerable Kenyan communities via our FoodFight range. As a not for profit project run by theoneworldcollective.org we know that we are all working together to create a healthier and happier world. We all have a part to play and Peppermint Magazine is doing it in style.

So thank YOU Peppermint Magazine. You give us hope that the world is changing in a positive direction!

Katie, Emma & Co.


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