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Some of the most effective campaigns I have come across are so simple and so easy to incorporate into our busy lives that it almost seems too obvious. One such campaign is Take 3 for the Sea, where beach goers are encouraged to pick up three pieces of rubbish as they leave the beach and dispose of it correctly.

Take 3 for the Sea is simple, catchy, easily understood and easily incorporated into our lives. It heightens our awareness on just how much rubbish is on our beaches. Before I learnt about Take 3 for the Sea I thought I lived near the most pristine beaches in the world on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. This campaign inadvertently taught me to look closer. What I saw shocked me.

As I was walking along the beach on what would usually be an enjoyable morning walk, soaking up the morning sun and breathing in the salty air, something caught my eye. I looked closer and closer and what I had always assumed to be shells and sand now was a soup of small bits of plastic! When was this put there!

The thing is those bits of plastic have most likely been there for years. But it was this campaign that pulled me towards being an active participant in cleaning up the coast. This led to me actually seeing the madness that was under my eyes for years.

Take 3 for the Sea is positive activism and I say BRAVO! The more people who are actively engaged in caring for our oceans the more likely we will actually stand up for positive change when our actions are required.

Although at face value Take 3 for the Sea doesn’t directly act on reducing our consumption of plastics in the first place it is an amazing platform to engage people in caring, which is the first step needed when guiding the masses towards other more embedded action.

So head over to their Facebook page and give them a like here > Take 3 for the Sea <!

Don't forget to #take3forthesea!



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